When & What

It is ALWAYS best to check our main page OR Instagram, for updates if we are/aren't taking any items. There are times that we have to stop taking drop offs for a few days/week. 


  • DROP & WAIT are accepted TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY and the LAST SATURDAY of the month
  • DROP & GO are accepted everyday of the week, in a paper bag.
    • drop and go will only be looked at when we have time, any items we do not accept will be donated, and only store credit will be issued
    • If you have not consigned with us before, please do not do this for your first drop off


  • Newborn - 12M
    • We prefer Kate Quinn, Kickee Pants, Quincy Mae, Rylee & Cru, Hanna Andresson, Tea Collection, Gap, etc.
    • Bamboo/Organic clothing brands do best
    • We will accept all other brands, but will be more picky based on brand, and how much we currently have
  • 18M - 10Y
    • We prefer Gap or better, but we will accept all brands
    • If we have too much of one brand/item, we will not accept it
  • Wood toys, Green toys and board books are accepted
  • Shoes: 4-4Y, we prefer name brand shoes
    • Vans, Nike, Adidas, Pumas, See Kai Run, Ugg Boots, Reef/Rainbow, Freshly Picked, etc.
    • We will only accept Cat & Jack, Old Navy, etc. if they are NEW or have very little wear
  • Any items we do not take will be given back to you UNLESS you do a drop & go (these items will be donated, if more than half your items are donated, we will ask that you do not do a drop & go so we can go over your items with you)


  • Pick 30 of your BEST items to bring
  • We only allow 30 items, per week, per drop off (one drop off per week)
  • Make sure your items have been WASHED & DRIED before folding right side out in a paper or reusable bag
  • Double check for missing buttons, holes, broken zippers, etc. 
  • Items need to come FLOOR READY
    • Buttons done
    • Zippers zipped
    • Elastic waist undone
    • Freshly laundered and clean, not wrinkled 
  • If items come as an outfit, please fold together
  • We do not accept underwear, socks or bras
  • Make sure shoes are clean, no sand or socks left inside
    • magic eraser works wonders
  • Books shouldn't be written in or have bite marks
  • Wood toys should have all the pieces and not be marked on
    • We do not take plastic toys with batteries or any large toys


  • We offer store credit trade or cash buy out
    • the amount is determined based on the brand, quality, size, and desirability 
  • When you bring your items in, we will go through them and give you a total you'll receive in store credit/cash
    • store credit can be used on anything in the store, does not expire, but can never be transferred as cash and CAN NOT be used with any DISCOUNTS
  • If you want a cash buy out, it will be HALF of the store credit offer
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