Seasonal Schedule

  • Fall Clothing – August 1st to February 1st​

    • Costumes/Halloween

      • August 15-October 15

  • Winter Clothing – October 1st to February 1st

    • Thanksgiving

      • September 15-November 10

    • Christmas

      • October 15-December 10

    • Snow Gear​

  • Spring Clothing – February 1st to July 1st​​

  • Summer Clothing – April 1st to August 1st​

What we don't accept...

  • crib sets/cribs

  • breast pumps

  • bottles, nipples and pacifiers 

  • wipes warmer

  • diaper bags

  • car seats

  • bottle sanitizers

  • plush toys

  • infant head rests

  • maternity clothing

  • socks (unless new in packaging)

  • DVD's

  • maternity/parenting books

  • room decor

  • items with missing or broken pieces

  • items older than 5 years 

STORE CREDIT TRADE: If you love to shop here, but don’t want to wait for your items to sell…store credit trade is your best option. We offer 30-50% of what we would sell your items for, in immediate store credit.. Your items now belong to the store. You can use your credit now, or save it for another time. You CAN NOT cash out your store credit, but you can use it on anything in the store. 

CONSIGNMENT: We take items on consignment, and you will receive 35% of the selling price. Your funds become available once your items sell. You may use your credit in store at anytime. Your items will go on discount if they haven’t sold in the first 75+/- days. At the time of drop off, we will give you a date range to pick up your items that haven’t sold. If by the last date you haven’t picked them up, they will be donated. 


FEES: If Hello Village has to clean your items, there will be a $.50-$2 fee, per item, deducted from your account. If items need new batteries, there will be a $2 fee. 

PAYOUT: Payouts are made upon request, on the 15th. You must request a payout by the 10th of the month. Payouts are made via VENMO or PAYPAL or CHECK. CHECKS ARE NOT MAILED.

PRICING & MARKDOWNS: Our pricing varies by brand and demand. We research items and price accordingly. All pricing is done at our discretion. We periodically have sales and everything is marked down 50-75% the last week of your consignment period. No exceptions.

CONSIGNMENT PERIOD: We put your items out within a week of drop off and we keep your items for a full color rotation, approximately 10-12 weeks. After your consignment period ends, you can elect to pick up your unsold items or we can donate to Children’s Resource Network. There is a $10 service fee for any items pulled from the sales floor prior to their expiration date. We invest a lot of time in sorting, pricing, and tagging your items.

We accept kids clothing sizes NB-12.

We limit the size NB-24M often, so please check our website before dropping off.

Items must be new or in gently, pre-loved condition. Items must be stain free with no damage or odors. 

Our best selling sizes are 2T-6

We accept shoes sizes 3 toddler to 4 youth. Shoes need to be clean, and have a lot of life left. 

Vans, Natives, Crocs, Nike, Converse, Adidas, etc. are the best sellers. 

Toys! We prefer wooden toys, educational toys, books and puzzles. We will sometimes take non-wooden toys, but we do not take LARGE toys. 

All toys need to be cleaned, no missing pieces.

At this time, we can only accept Bumbos or like seats. 

We can not take any bigger items such as highchairs, pack n plays, strollers or others bigger items until further notice. 

We take select swaddle blankets, swaddle wraps, baby carriers, multipurpose covers. We take select hats and beanies and headbands.

If the item is not listed above, we more than likely do not take it. We can't list every single thing we don't take, but here is an idea of what we do not take:

  • Maternity Clothing

  • Underwear/Socks (socks only if NEW in package)

  • Bibs/Burp Clothes

  • Bathtubs or Bath Accessories

  • Plush Toys

  • Room Decor

  • Car Seats

  • Bottle & Wipe Warmers

  • Cribs

  • Feeding Items

  • Breast Pumps

  • Items Missing Pieces/Broken

  • Shopping Cart Covers

  • Misc. Items / Knick Knacks


Drop Offs

We accept ONE paper bag of items, but no more than 45 at a time. We only allow one drop off per week, per consignor. Do not over-stuff the bag. If items do not fit in a bag, that is ok. For larger items, please send us a photo via text (805-270-4944) or to our Instagram/Facebook account.

We accept drop offs on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 11:30-3:30. Before dropping off items, please fill out the form on the top of the page. ​

If you haven't consigned with us before, please also print out, and fill out the contract.

Thank you!

Contact Us

201 E Branch Street

Arroyo Grande, CA 93420


Store Hours

Sunday & Monday 11-4

Tuesday-Saturday 10-5:30

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